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46th Air Pollution Workshop


April 6-10, 2014



The 46th APW (Air Pollution Workshop) will be held at Hotel El Camino Real, Guadalajara, Mexico, along with the 50th Anniversary of the Schools of Agriculture and the Veterinary Sciences, University of Guadalajara.

The four-day meeting, including a one day symposium, offers excellent opportunities at a very enjoyable, hacienda (estate) type venue for the members of the academic community (faculty, particularly students), government, industry and the public to exchange information and ideas on current and future air quality (including greenhouse gases and climate change) and its effects on food production, natural resources and the urban landscape, including humans. The venue will provide many settings for knowledge transfer between developed (e.g., Canada, Europe, USA) and developing countries (e.g., Asia, Mexico, Central/ South America, Africa).

Students are encouraged to apply to Dr. S. Krupa, Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota (Krupa@001.umn.edu) for appropriate and deserving financial support for participation in APW 46. Particular consideration will be given to students who can contribute new information from their own works.


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